Lagos Bus Tour 3.0

Armed men, rifle-wielding policemen and personnel of the Lagos State Task Force invaded the otherwise peaceful waterfront community of Otodo-Gbame on 9 April 2017, following previous evictions. With bulldozers and ?re, the structures and property of residents were destroyed.

They moved to other waterfront communities, where they continued sleeping in canoes, or living with family and friends. Following previous forced evictions, over 30 000 residents of the community were affected in this gross violation of human rights.

Three years since the forced eviction, not much has changed for the survivors, despite a Lagos State High Court ruling, declaring the forced evictions as unconstitutional, being an infringement on the fundamental right to protection from cruel and degrading treatment. 

Three years on, survivors of the Otodo-Gbame forced evictions are homeless and without livelihoods. They are the urban poor whose rights to adequate and affordable housing has been strangled by a mega city project.

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