Lagos International Poetry Festival 2019

LIPFest2019 is bringing over fifty writers, poets and thinkers from over ten countries, and offers a multi-layered experience with something for everyone, from readings and performances, to conversations, workshops, book launches, film screenings, music, and exhibitions, and it is a celebration of human resilience and the joy of our surviving.

This Year, LIPFest2019 is partnering with Rethinking Cities to hold a panel discussion on Future Lagos. Rethinking Cities is a collaborative forum of professionals in Arts, Media and urban planning that set out to deliver and communicate social enterprise innovations in solving urban challenges across Africa.

As part of our collaboration with LIPFest2019, we will be organising a panel discussion titled “Urban Innovators: Changing the narrative” on Friday 1st November, 2019 at Freedom Park, Old Prison ground, Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos from 12:45pm – 2:15pm. We would be honoured to have you take part as a panellist. We are particularly interested in your views and we would love to hear you speak on the issues.

Session Title and Abstract: This panel discussion will focus on the common issues on urban life in a city like Lagos. Issues ranging from urban migration, scarce/limited resources, homelessness, poverty, ordered disorder. These urban themes have contributed to our narrative of living in a city. We will be discussing emerging innovations trying to influence urban development, and roles artistes can play in shaping and amplifying a new narrative for a better Lagos.

Session Goals and Learning Objectives: Our goal is to outline straightforward ways in which artistes in all forms can diagnose the prevailing culture/narrative, and way in which they can work across and promote new narratives through emerging innovations aimed at bringing about cultural change

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