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How Vulnerability and Fragility can turn into Strength:

Lagos is located at sea level, and that itself presents some challenges.   Globally it is expected that general sea level will rise by over one mm a year until 2100. This global phenomenon may locally be reinforced by the fact that developed and wealthy regions usually have more sealed surface, which will increase the storm water runoff.  This is likely to be the case with Lagos which has started to work on controversial land reclamation projects, both in the lagoon and at the seashore. All these activities may additionally raise the local water level and lead to extended seasonal flooding. One of the important questions is therefore how one can prevent floods. The answer is most probably that there is no way to prevent floods. When confronted with water, a powerful nature force, one has basically only one choice: Learn to live with the water; learn to live with the flood; learn to live with the given climate condition.

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