Rethinking Lagos Radio Show - Episode 2

Informal Communities - Ways to solving the Housing challenge.

The vast majority of the people who live in Lagos live in informal settlements or densely populated areas 

It is estimated that about 70% of the 23 million population  reside in about 200 informal communities (slums and squatter settlements)

These informal communities like Makoko, Badia etc can be described as self-help strategies by citizens to fill the affordable housing gap, given the challenges of increasing population.

These settlements are often frowned upon by the government. It has been labeled as illegal, immoral and dysfunctional. The government says the practices in these communities are not in sink with the modernist practices and megacity status they seek to adopt. 

In response, the Lagos state government in 2016 forcefully evicted an estimated 30,000 residents of informal waterfront communities to make way for modernist infrastructure and luxury estates, namely Periwinkle Estate (Otodo Gbame), Imperial International Business City (Ebute Ikate) and Ilubinrin Luxury Estate (Ilubinrin).

In the studio are:
Stan Uche - Host (Inspiration FM 92.3)
Deji Akinpelu - Host (Rethinking Lagos)
Rebecca Robers - Researcher, interested in exploring inequality policies and urbanization challenges in Nigeria.  
Bimbo Oshobe - Community facilitator, Nigerian Slum Informal settlement federation.

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