Rethinking Lagos Radio Show - Episode 5

Mobility: Non-Motorized transportation in Lagos.

In the studio are:

Stan Uche - Host (Inspiration FM 92.3)

Deji Akinpelu - Host (Rethinking Lagos)

Olamide Udoma-Ejorh  - Olamide is an Urban Activist – researcher, writer, and artist, holding degrees in BSc Architecture, MA Design, and MPhil Infrastructure Management. She is currently involved in governance and social issues within the urban environment of Lagos and is an advocate for sustainable transportation and social engagement within street spaces.

In the last 7 years she has managed and coordinated projects in the UK, South Africa, and Nigeria, working with a variety of clients to ensure relevant knowledge is shared with the end-users. She is the Founding Director at Lagos Urban Network, Editor-in-Chief of the Lost in Lagos Magazine and Trustee/Festival Director at Open House Lagos. Her strengths lie in Urban Infrastructure Management, Project Management, and Communications.

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